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Best Web Hosting in the United States?


What is the best web hosting in the United States? I’m looking to get web hosting for my small business website and want a web host with customer support in the US. The website will be a WordPress template. What is the best web hosting that will support this? Thanks.

6 Responses to Best Web Hosting in the United States?
  1. Katie R Reply

    Web Hosting Hub is a really good American web host. They are also really great for WordPress!

  2. Eric The Hobbit Reply

    InMotion is a great choice. They offer the best performance and is much faster than any other web host. They are located in LA.

  3. DragonBall 16 Reply

    InMotion is definitely the best.

  4. Alexis W Reply

    I believe iPage is in the US. They are very good at web hosting.

  5. George A Reply

    HostGator is the best web hosting company regardless of what country you are in. But they are definately US based. I think their office is in Texas.

  6. Jason Reply

    I think most of the web hosts are based out of the US. My favorite web host that I recommend is InMotion. I was looking at the InMotion data centers. It looks like they have two of them, one is located at their headquarters in Los Angeles, and the second one is in Virginia. This is great because you can get high speed hosting from either side of the country. If you’re visitors are on the east coast, they will get just as fast of speeds as those on the west coast. From my personal experience with InMotion, they have the best performance and speeds. They also give customers a lot of bandwidth and servers with burstable ram, which will great for WordPress or any other resource intensive website.


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