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Has anyone used Vistaprint for WEB HOSTING?


I just learned that Vistaprint started selling web hosting and am curious about their quality, ease of use, etc… I’m mostly interested in how simple or complicated e-commerce is with them. How much extra the shopping cart and checkout features cost as well as what it is like to list items to sell. Do you have a choice of the display format for your items or is all of that just predetermined? Also, I heard that one must PAY for the option to allow search engines to “see” your site and include them in their results. Is this true?

13 Responses to Has anyone used Vistaprint for WEB HOSTING?
  1. Danny Davis Reply

    They’re not good. They are just like GoDaddy. I would recommend some other web host. Bluehost is always a good choice. You can find their website at With Bluehost you can get an annual hosting plan, and run unlimited websites off it. It is the preferred web host by most internet pros. They also have the best prices and service.

  2. Onemore Money Reply

    Not sure about vistaprint, but for my web host, there is no charge for your website to be seen. It is just a hosting company and you have to do your own work to let the search engine see your website. Every web host is like that. I would recommend inmotion hosting. You can check them out more detail as they are a very professional web hosting company:

  3. Webmas T Reply

    I wouldnt pay extra for your host to allow your website to be “seen” on Google. I think you can find a better hosting company than vistaprint. Take a look at:

    Hope this helps!

  4. Backwards K Reply

    Vistaprint isn’t known for web hosting – they’re a printing company that’s trying to expand into other business sectors. They may even be a hosting re-seller. Why not just get hosting from a proven company that specializes in hosting? I like using hostgator.

    Good luck!

  5. Jeff Esposito Reply


    If you want to see what other customers say about our company’s websites product offering, check out www. The first month is free to try out on all of the packages, but if you want a full list of what is included by price point, please visit our website.

    Please let me know if that helps.


    Jeff Esposito
    Community Manager, Vistaprint

    • Fletcher Reply

      i think it is the worst thing i could have ever invested in. Andrique one of your super’s says to me that visaprint cannot host all of my clothes and they will not nor compensate me for losses off my site. when i first bought into vistaprint i was so excited. site builder loads up but publishing is the worst , has been my problem for the last 8 months , we have tickets in and i was told that the tech dept is a bunch of geeks that just dont care . I have invested a lot of money in my business and thanks to Vistaprint i cannot post clothes to sell nor keep my website .com which i bought in the first place. They need more hands on people or stop tryint to do something you are not equipt to do

    • Laura Reply

      I too was very excited about making my new website on Vistaprint; I spent many hours on it and was just a small time away from publishing it and I lost access to it. It went down! and I have not been able to access it for 10 days now.
      Numerous emails and phone calls late it is still down and costing me money in losses now. Its so disappointing, I found it so easy to use. loading up products was great and all the actions were easy to do and it seemed to do everything i needed… except work of course! Why are you not using the same tech people that look after your own site?

  6. elizabeth Reply

    I like InMotion. I’m very happy with their web hosting. They have unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  7. Phill Reply

    Just go with Inmotion. They are decently priced and have good, trusted hosting.

  8. digital1ceo Reply

    I use a VistaPrint website. It’s easy to use when it comes to their SEO, but you do have to do a lot of the work yourself. As for being indexed by Google, my site took about two weeks. They also help make it easy for you to advertise your business online using YouTube.

  9. Lonnie Reply

    I have used Vistaprint hosting for quite some time now and have been satisfied for the most part. My only complaint is that after I published my web site in portrait fashion, I am unable to re-format it to a landscape design. Other than that, I have 14 pages on my site, many links to other companies, shopping cart, credit card purchase through PayPal, publish as many pictures as I want of my products with pricing and drop down quantity and payment options, etc… As far as search engines, that all depends on you and how many different keywords you select to direct the search engines to your site. I don’t pay extra for search engine results, because I didn’t need to. Vista Print is easy to use and easy to edit.

  10. Hardeep Reply

    I am looking into Vistaprint to produce a mobile phone accessories website and have read a lot of reviews regarding Vistaprint. Some say it has worked out well for them, but some don’t. Would it be a better idea for me to just pay a web designer to build my website and also do the SEO work?

    • Kent Fitzgerald Reply

      I would not use Vistaprint. They are over charging people for something that you can get for half the price. You can buy a cheap web hosting plan (one that is under $5 per month) and use a free website builder to launch your website. It just depends on how professional you want your website. If you hire a web designer, they will NOT use Vistaprint. They will most likely want you to host your website with a regular web host, like InMotion or Bluehost. Then they will build your website and upload it to your web hosting account. If you decide to build the website yourself, I still would not recommend Vistaprint. Just buy a web hosting account from inmotion or bluehost and install WordPress. You can get a pretty good looking website, but you will have to spend a couple hours building it.


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