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What is the best web hosting for an online store?


I own an online ecommerce website. I run a retail business selling about 200 different items. I just got a website built that sells these items online. I guess it’s called an ecommerce website. My web designer wants me to host the site with him, but he is charging $50 per month and I know I can host it myself for less. I just need to find a good web host that will be best fit for my website. I’m new to websites and web hosting. What’s the best web hosting for an ecommerce website?

6 Responses to What is the best web hosting for an online store?
  1. Josh Reply

    Starting an online business is an important step for any retailer. If you own an eCommerce type website, it may depend on what language is used for your website. For example, many ecommerce type websites are built with PHP. But some are built with ColdFusion. Many web hosting companies provide support for PHP, but some may not for ColdFusion. There are a variety of languages that your web designer could have build your ecommerce site. However for most ecommerce type websites (those that use PHP or PayPal), you will do fine with Hub hosting. Hub offers a wide variety of support for different languages and would be suitable for your needs as an online retailer. You can sign up with Hub at

  2. Margot Reply

    Bluehost is another good option for hosting an online store website. I host mine with them using a template and its really easy.

  3. DragonBall214 Reply

    Web Hosting Hub is your best choice. They are great for ecommerce websites. Their support is really good as well.

  4. Eric Reply

    Go with Hub. They are better than Bluehost for any type of website. Hub is the number one recommended web host for small businesses. They have a triple A rating with the better business bureau and are always highly recommended by web masters. I like them because they are really easy to use. They only offer one plan and everything is unlimited, fast, and reliable.

  5. Natalie Reply

    I love Web Hosting Hub. They are the best web host for online shopping websites. They are definitely a good option for web hosting. What kind of shopping cart software does your website use? Are you just using PayPal? Because I know Hub works great with PayPal.

  6. Jason Reply

    That seems pretty steep… I would imagine your web designer is trying to make a profit off of web hosting. You most likely will need to spend less than $15 per month on a shared hosting plan. Of course, it depends on the amount of traffic you get. If you’re website is already getting a decent amount of traffic, then you might need a VPS hosting plan, which will cost around 40-50 per month. But to answer your question, I would host my website with InMotion. They are a very reputable web host for business class web hosting. They offer both shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting so they have plenty of plans to choose from. I would start off with their Pro business hosting plan. That is a shared hosting account which starts at $14 a month (since I last checked). It comes eCommerce ready and you will get really good performance with that plan. If your web designer doesnt want you to use that plan, he is most likely trying to cheat you.


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