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What is the best web hosting site for my online retail business?


I have an eCommerce website where i am selling items online for my retail business. What is a good web hosting company to go with?

8 Responses to What is the best web hosting site for my online retail business?
  1. Pedro Reply

    I was trying to find a good web host for my website too. It was really hard to find a good one that doesnt throttle your speeds. I was orginally with GoDaddy, but their web hosting was terrible. If you just want affordable and reliable budget shared web hosting, then you can sign up with Bluehost. They are both reliable and affordable and would be good for your retail business website.

  2. Jim M Reply

    Building an online business is about content, traffic, pre-selling and monetizing. It really is important to have a reliable web host that is always running right. Inmotion is probably the best quality web host you can get. Hostgator is good, but Inmotion is better in terms of performance. They have faster web hosting servers at inmotion and do not squeeze as many customers as they can onto one server. I think the last time I checked, Inmotion did cost a little more, but it was only like a dollar more each month, which is not big deal. Plus its well worth the extra cost when your frustrated that a customer cant visit your website because its not working properly.

  3. Glenn C Reply

    If you want something really affordable, but at the same time can handle all your needs, go with HostMonster. They have great customer service so you can keep calling them up with questions. Also, their servers are pretty reliable and rarely go down. They give you practically unlimited data transfer as well, but do throttle if you reach a certain point. It’s only $5.95 a month and you get everything with that. I think they would be a decent choice for your retail website.

  4. R U Reply

    There are a few good web hosts, but my favourite one is inmotion. I think they are one of the best web hosting companies and have unlimited bandwidth and disk space. They are also very affordable, but more importantly, reliable and great for businesses. So for your retail businesses, I would suggest you check out:

    Hope this helps! :)

  5. Bechay! Reply

    I use Bluehost. They are very good web hosts.

  6. paigespirate Reply

    Bluehost is good, inexpensive, and easy. I spent one night, sitting in my bed w/ laptop and built my site and i am thrilled w/ it. Their site builders make it really easy to build a good looking website. Of course, the secret is getting it on the search engines and that takes lots of research and effort and a bit of time for them to roll over w/ new info. After about 6 months I was # 1 and 3 on Yahoo search and moving up but still 2nd page on Google (very slow to p/u new info) and others.

  7. gopalakrishnan s Reply

    Search engine optimization has nothing to do with web hosting. But either inmotion or HUB are good.

  8. Daniel Young Reply

    There are numerous web hosting companies who offer these services at affordable prices. My favorite is


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